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Everything started in 1978, when Olympia K. Pavlidou first established her Laboratories in Paphos.

Olympia, a dynamic woman, wife and mother, took her first prize in the science lesson at the age of 13. For 11 years she worked at the Royal Free Hospital, London, where she conducted research and clinical trials. When she came to Cyprus she tried to sensi­tized the world so as to understand how important blood analysis can be for prevention and health in general.

She won the first prize “Humanitarian Offer” and took the first award in the “Cypriot Business Woman of the Year for 2013” and the first prize as “Interna­tional Business Woman of the Year 2014” in Recog­nition of demonstrated qualities of entrepreneurship and outstanding community service.

Today, she is considered to be one of the best chem­ists in the whole of Cyprus. Olympia K. Pavlidou Laboratories has incorporated with her son Dr. Stephanos Pavlides in Limassol. They now cover Cyprus with a number of Laboratories and their goal and vision is to remain at the top of clinical laboratory diagnostic services with dynamic workflow, timely and continuous improvement in their services. Thousands of people have been served in their labs, providing an extensive range of high quality routine and specialized laboratory analysis.

Meet Dr. Stephanos Pavlides

Dr. Stephanos Pavlides, left for New York after his military service in 2000. He worked and studied at Saint Francis College, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene of New York City (a program for the virus of West Nile)

and participated in the laboratory of Professor Dr. Antony de Rass in Long Island University, as well as in the laboratory of Biochemical Genetics and Metab­olism at Rockefeller University in the supervision of Professor Dr. Jan Breslow, where he began working with models of mice with genetic susceptibility to atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. Later, he was awarded with the summer undergrat­uate program (SURF) and his job was focused on a gene for which there was a suspicion that ii was associated with development of atherosclerosis. The final results of his research was published in scientific journal proceedings of the National Acade­my of Science [PNASJ, and at the same time presented in scientific conferences in the USA and other countries.

In 2004 he was admitted for the PhD program at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University.

In early 2005 he began his studies in the laboratory of Professor Dr. Michael Lisanti focusing on breast cancer and then continued his PhD under the supervision of the University of Thomas Jefferson, in Philadelphia.

He completed his PhD program

with excellence at the end of 2010 with a series of 45 publications.


  • Atherosclerosis, caveolae and caveolin-1. Pavlides S, et al.
  • Warburg meets autophagy: cancer-associated fibroblasts accelerate tumor growth and metastasis via oxidative stress, mitophagy, and aerobic glycolysis.Pavlides S, et al.

Why choose our labs:

Living in good health is the cornerstone of an enjoy­able life. Medical laboratory analysis and testing play a significant role in detecting, diagnosing and treating diseases and ailments. Early detection of health problems is of crucial importance.

At PAVLIDES LABS we treat your health with the seriousness it deserves. We undertake to perform quickly and with the utmost professionalism, one of Cyprus’ most comprehensive series of medical analyses. Our medical field experience and the most modern of testing and analysing equipment guaran­tee accurate and timely test results. Rest assured that from sampling to result test we take the utmost care in keeping the integrity of your tests.

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